Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Favourite Music: Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton is one of my favourite musicians. I still listen to her album Heroes and Thieves, released in 2007, repeatedly and the songs have become like family to me. If I'm feeling sad or scared, Heroes And Thieves makes me feel better. When Rabbits On The Run was released last year I was very excited, and the album more than lived up to my expectations. It has a magical, dreamy sound, with incredible songs such as I Don't Want To Be A Bride, Dear California, Get Good and Carousel (below).

The songs are woven with beautiful lyrics like 'It's hard to know what's good for you, I know she let you down, but the fever breaks when it's too much to take, so you can put your weapons down' (Carousel), 'Don't need no golden ring, it'd be no match for the love you bring, from London to Tennessee, we could catch a train to another life, on a whim under the moonlight, I promise you, will you promise me?' (I Don't Want To Be A Bride) and 'Are the echoes coming back to you, is wisdom seeing patterns on a loop, like a blanket around you, you were weaving colours, when I saw you, put your velvet on in moonlight, or have you lost your constellation eyes?' (Get Good).

Rabbits On The Run is definitely worth a listen, as is Heroes And Thieves.


  1. Yes, lovely hearing music that you like, I enjoyed it too.


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