Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Pink Zebra Scarf!"

I was so excited to find this pink zebra scarf. What could be sweeter than pink zebras?! And I got it for free, which is always a bonus.
These black shorts are one of the few items of clothing I have purchased during my first year in Edinburgh: I got them in the January sales for less than five pounds, but they were the last pair and much too big around the waist. A bit of sewing fixed them up though and I wear them to work quite a bit: they're so comfy and versatile. I wish I could get them in a few different colours.
I'm really looking forward to the Scottish Bloggers Valentine's Party this Saturday: for one thing, it'll be my first Saturday night off in, well, almost a year! I've been trying to decide what to wear, but I still can't make up my mind.

I'm off to sleep now: I decided to get these up before I go to sleep after work. It was lovely walking home this morning with my boyfriend though: the birds were all singing and we had our own little dawn chorus. Tomorrow we've got a welcome day off which we will be spending with a group of our friends. Happy Wednesday!


What I wore: top from Zara, shorts from H&M, shoes from Topshop, scarf was thrifted, bracelet from White Stuff

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Yum Yum

My sister sent me a gorgeous new MAC lipstick yesterday: Candy Yum Yum! (Thank you big sis!) So I decided to give it a whirl today. Even though it's matte it didn't dry my lips out like I thought it might and it lasted really well. It is the perfect candy pink too. I might even wear it at work tonight! I usually avoid wearing lipstick at work because it's not like I have much of an opportunity to check that it's staying on properly or if it needs to be reapplied, especially on a Saturday night!  It's all I can do  to serve all of the customers as quickly as possible, and any free seconds I have are spent gulping down some Irn Bru to keep me going! But I've fallen in love with this colour, and if it comes off during the night? Who cares! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.
Here I am, pulling a funny face by accident as usual!
 What I'm wearing: tshirt from a vintage shop, skirt from French Connection, bracelets from Accessorize, earrings were a present

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Spring Greens

I felt very ladylike today wearing this pretty, delicate skirt and I always love to wear bright colours when it's grey outside like it was today. This skirt is much longer than the skirts and dresses that I usually wear, and I think it will encourage me to make use of some of the other skirts and dresses that my sister has given me that are this length. For some reason I have never felt that they would flatter my figure, but I have finally seen the light!
What do you think? Do you feel better in short skirts or in a longer cut?

What I'm wearing: Jumper and skirt from Topshop, boots from Schuh, necklace from Accessorize, bag was a gift from my lovely mum

Monday, 11 February 2013

Scale Of The Universe

The scale of the universe.
Science and maths have never been my strengths, but this interactive scale of the universe by Cary Huang (of is incredible, down to every last detail: the fluttering hummingbird, the different kinds of quarks and the amusing descriptions for each object which will interest anyone, regardless of prior knowledge.
Visit it here. Do it now! I promise that you will be as fascinated as I was.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Adventures With A Sewing Machine, Part One

Well, my first attempt to use my lovely new sewing machine at home was not as easy as I thought it would be! I was shown how to do the basics before I left the shop and it seemed pretty simple...

Then I tried it at home.

The first thing I attempted to do was to thread the bobbin. The machine has instructions ON IT, as well as with it, and yet could I remember or find out what to do? No.

The second attempt worked though, with a helping hand from my boyfriend who seems to magically know all about sewing machines!

I managed to thread the bobbin and thread the needle and actually try out a few of the basic stitches. I already feel more comfortable with the machine: at first I was afraid that I was going to break something.

On Monday, I have my first free hour long tuition at the shop where I bought my machine: I'm excited to learn more!