Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some Lovely, Pretty Things

How stunning is this dress from Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection? And I love the lipstick too: it just looks incredible.

I don't know if you've heard of Lisa Swerling's Glass Cathedrals: they are beautiful wall sculptures which house tiny, intricate scenes. I first discovered them at Spitalfield Market in London quite a few years ago. Lisa has since relocated to America, and is constantly creating new, beautiful pieces. I don't own one yet, but I hope to one day! The scene below is entitled: In case of dullness, blow.

I've been re-watching season four of Gossip Girl, and staring longingly at pretty much every outfit involved! The two items I love the most though? The outfit Blair wore to the Pink Party, and the beautiful wall hanging in Serena's bedroom, created by Paul Villinski.

I spotted this in postcard form on a trip to the Tate Modern in London last year: I'm not sure what it is exactly that I love about it, but I do. Rosen, by Wolfgang Tillmans (1994).

And finally, I can't wait to make these gorgeous Confetti Cookies from The Baker Chick:


  1. Ah, these are so lovely and pretty indeed. X

  2. Oooo I love that first and last picture! The Jason Wu dress is stunning. I love that pink color and how voluminous it looks. And hahah I want to eat the cookies, looks so yummy!

  3. Gorgeous pictures ! I'm a big GG fan too :)

    Have a lovely weekend


  4. Oh that Jason Wu dress continues to haunt me - in the best way possible! I want to spend an evening twirling around in it more than words can express..

  5. lovely photos and blog! xx

  6. Fantastic!

    Kisses from Italy


  7. i couldn't agree more. that pink from jason wu? to die for!



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