Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bright Nails for a Rainy Week

The final result!

A combination of my computer continuing to act up and the weather being absolutely miserable for most of the last week has meant that outfit posts have been impossible, but I hope to have something new up very soon. 

In the meantime, I decided to put on some bright nail polish so I would have something pretty to look at, rather than just looking out at the rain. I used a combination of a new MAC polish that my sister bought me from the Beth Ditto range (a light yellow called Near Beth Experience), an older hot pink MAC polish called Steamy, and Silver Shatter from OPI. Pretty, but with an edge.

The kit
Two layers of polish first
And done!


  1. I've tried too this kind of polish from OPI, it's nice but get me tired very soon, but look great on you anyway!!:)

  2. Wait, how did you get it to do that shatter thing?? Does it do that automatically?

    I love this style, it's so unique, and such an out of the box way to do your nails! Did all 3 polishes come in the same kit? I want this!


  3. cute colours, i've seen these polishes around for a while but haven't tried them :) looks cool though xxx

  4. Lovely colors. I will give it a try.

  5. wow, great nails! you gave me some ideas :) thanks, dear!

  6. great nails <3

    xoxo Oana:)

  7. These are pretty!! I never tried the silver crackle polish.

  8. Love the pics! Come see my blog

    xo Emma


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