Monday, 15 October 2012

One Hundred

I very cheekily borrowed the idea for this post, to write one hundred things about me for my hundreth post, from the wonderful Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird: you can (and should!) read hers here.

So here it is: one hundred things about me to celebrate my one hundreth post:

I was born in England
But I moved to Ireland with my parents when I was four
I grew up in the best county, Cork
In a pink and white house in the countryside
I spent most of my childhood running around outside, reading and drawing
I also did quite a lot of mowing and washing up
I never lost my English accent
Which means that people often don’t believe how long I lived in Ireland
I’m very close to my parents, something that makes me feel very lucky
I have four half-sisters, all older than me
I’ve also got two nieces and one nephew
I went to four primary schools, and secondary schools
In general, I didn’t really like school
I am terrible at maths
Maybe it’s because I’m not very logical
I went to a mixed boarding school for four years
Sometimes I liked it there, sometimes I didn’t: it was definitely a good experience
My first year there I slept in a dorm with ten other girls
It made me very tolerant of other people
When I was 17 I attended the Future World Leaders Summit
It meant that I got to spent ten amazing days in Washington DC
My sister once took me to Venice, Italy for a birthday treat
I also spent my 18th birthday in Venice
Gilmore Girls is my favourite TV show
And my favourite singer is Joshua Radin
I can’t choose a favourite author: I’ve read far too many books
But I do love books by Alice Hoffman, John Updike and Haruki Murakami
A few years ago I cut my hair very short
Then I went blonde
Sometimes I miss my short blonde hair
Although I love to write, I don’t really know how to use grammar correctly
I use exclamation marks far too much
I love art
Some of my favourite artists include Degas, Whistler and Frieda Kahlo
I really like Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture
Buy me a Starbucks chai tea latté and you’ll be my friend for life
Ditto red velvet cake
Cheese (especially cheddar) is one of my biggest weaknesses
Crisps are another
I’m still scared of the dark
When my boyfriend’s not at home, I sleep with a nightlight on
I can’t watch horror movies
I love Long Island Iced Teas
I still sleep with my teddy bear, Fred, on my pillow
I have six piercings, all on my ears, and I used to have my nose pierced
In college, I studied International Development for four years
But I still don’t really know what my ideal job would be
I do know that I love to write and to organise
I’ve been to New York twice and loved it there
I’ve been a bridesmaid twice
I wear glasses, but only when I absolutely have to
Mugs of tea are one of my biggest weaknesses
I love London, and lived there for a few months last year with my sister and her dad
I’ve never really been into sports, but I love to swim
I also love long walks
I’m a very fast walker
When I was young, I learned to do Irish dancing
I used to bite my nails
I love MAC lipsticks: luckily my sister keeps me well supplied
I always take really long showers
I am a big list maker
Maybe in part because I don’t have a great memory
I always have lip balm and chewing gum with me
I’m not very good at throwing things away: I may be part hoarder
I’m scared of Ferris wheels, but not of rollercoasters
I have bunions, inherited from my mum
This year I’ve finally started feeling comfortable in my own skin
I’ve always walked a little bit pigeon toed
I used to walk on my tiptoes when I was young
Sometimes I still do
I rarely leave the house without mascara
One of my favourite foods is cheese on toast
Another is one of my mums dishes: lentils, mince and fried rice
I drink a lot of water
I’m usually early for everything
But I’m not very good at getting up early
I love to sleep
I dream a lot, and I have quite a few nightmares too
My boyfriend keeps telling me to write them down and turn them into stories
I’ve been living with him since February and I’ve couldn’t be happier
For my birthday he made me Christmas, the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me
We met four years ago when we worked in the same shop
I was a shop assistant; he worked in security
It took us a long time to figure out that we should be together
We got there eventually
But not until we’d both moved to opposite ends of the British Isle
I was miserable without him
The tiny Dalek he gave me which means so much always sits beside my bed
Yes, I am a Doctor Who fan
I love cooking
My fried rice is finally working out
And at last I’ve stopped overcooking chicken
I also like baking
I have a huge folder of recipes I want to try
I want to make some toffee apples for Halloween
I love holidays, especially Christmas
My favourite Christmas film is It’s A Wonderful Life
I love all of the Coen Brothers films too
I also love cats, and want to get a kitten as soon as we can
Almost there. What else? Oh yes: I always, always wear perfume


  1. going to venice and italy has always been one of my dreams. You're so lucky! xO!


  3. Loved the scoop into your personality!
    Have a great week!
    Thanks for your feedback

  4. It's great to learn more about you! ;) Have a lovely week!!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. Aw, I loved reading through this and getting to know more about you. That pink & white house you grew up in sounds utterly enchanting. I can't watch horror movies either...and definitely have a weakness for cheese too! Darn Brie :)

    xo Marisa

  6. Such a lovely post! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. Great post. I always have chewing gum and lip balm with me too!

  8. I'm bad at math too and I always say it's because I have an illogical brain, lol.

    And I can't drink Long Islands anymore after one very bad night... eep.

  9. We sure do have a LOT in common ;) Joshua Radin is one of my very favorites too!

  10. Great post dear! (:
    I really love it !!!

    xx from

  11. wow. i feel like i know nearly everything about you now. :)
    i always loved the gilmore girls, too. luke was my kind of guy--brash and surly but with a heart of gold. :)

    1. Hi Lousia, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I am so glad you did because it brought me to your blog. After reading your "one hundred" post I feel like I know so much about you. We have tons in common. Let's get together for a chia tea latte and a slice of red velvet cake sometime! : )

      Danielle xo


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