Saturday, 17 November 2012

Setting Sail

We went to get coffee today as soon as we got up with the tips my boyfriend got last night. I had a Black Forest Hot Chocolate: it's one of the Costa Christmas specials and it's so delicious! It's so dark now when we get up. Sunset was at 4 p.m today, and usually we don't get to sleep until about 7 a.m by the time we've walked home after work (we usually finish at about 5 or half 5 a.m) so if we want 8 hours sleep that means getting up at around 3 p.m. It means that we're missing out pretty much all of the daylight. It's my first experience of this too: it's my first winter working nights, and sunset where I used to live in Ireland is about 40 minutes later anyway. I miss the light!
I wore my new Vans today (so comfy!) and one of the pretty neck scarves that belonged to my grandmother. She had a wonderful collection of all different colours and patterns, and this sailing boat print is one of my favourites.  Do you like the last picture?! I look like I'm posing for a school photo!

What I'm wearing: jumper from Topshop, shoes from Vans, jeans from Gap, scarf is vintage (from my grandmother)


  1. I love your vans, they look so eye catching but also really comfy!

  2. i love the little scarf! and the drink looks extremely yummy!

    lindsey louise

  3. I love scarves! It's something I never incorporate into outfits and I really should!


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