Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I'm exhausted after four long nights at work, one of which involved a not so pleasant run in with the (rather extremely unpredictable) owner.

However, my mood has improved dramatically as I just spent a lovely evening with my friend watching movies and eating homemade (by her) brownies.

Now I've lit a few candles (delicious cinnamon apple tea lights from Ikea) and I'm settling in to read a good book, sip on my Sleepytime tea (why, oh why, are so few of the delicious Celestial Seasonings tea varieties available in the UK? I want Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Sugar Plum Spice and Candy Cane Lane!) and repeatedly cover my lips with thick layers of Vaseline: the cold weather and my skin are not getting along very well.

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far. I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!


  1. Mmm homemade brownies sound awesome right about now!

  2. I agree with Krysten! =) Homemade brownies sound good!)) Movie and tea is also perfect ;)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. oh man some homemade brownies sound SO good. xO!


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