Monday, 24 September 2012

Down By The Water

I'm finally going swimming tomorrow. I love swimming - it's not that I'm very good at it: it just happens to be one of the only exercise-y type things that I enjoy! There is a pool located quite close to where I live, but there's always been a reason (excuse) not to go: cost, time, not being able to see where I'm going without my glasses... But not this time. I can't wait. I love the water, and the steam room afterwards! Going for a dip in the sea would be even better though...



  1. beautiful pictures :D
    im quite rubbish at swimming and mostly just float on my back haha, it is rather relaxing though :D
    hope u have a great time! x

  2. The one part I miss about belonging to a gym is going swimming! It seriously clears your mind and is such a great workout too! Also, thee pictures are beautiful! :)
    xo Hannah

  3. Well, enjoy that steam room. Just watch out for sweat shadows left behind!

  4. Hi dear!! thanks so much for visit my blog! It's a pleasure!! Loved your post!
    Keep posting!!

  5. I miss swimming and laying out on the lake so much already - the weather has cooled down so much here! We have an indoor pool near us too - I think it's the steam room I really look forward to though as well! These photos are breathtaking Louisa! Have fun :) xo Marisa

  6. Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous, I love swimming and wish I could spend a weekend on the beach!

  7. Great photos!

    I'll start following here maybe you can follow me back!



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