Monday, 10 September 2012

Cosy Autumn Treats

I've been reading so many blogs recently with posts about autumn, my favourite season of all. When I read this post about fall from Girls Love Fried Pickles, I realised that I too needed a lovely cosy smelling candle for the coming months. So I decided to visit the Yankee Candle area on one of my local department stores, and when I smelled Honey and Spice I knew it was perfect: sweet and spicy at the same time.

I also desperately needed a new pair of slippers. I wear slippers all the time when I'm at home, and when I moved to Edinburgh in February I bought a pair in Sainsbury's for £3. They have lasted pretty well, but they were cream and now they are more...grey. And they don't smell as fresh as daisies anymore either. So when I found a pair in Primark today with a big pom pom on each toe, I was sold. And they were only £3! Full disclosure though: the pom poms are not staying on very well! But a bit of sewing should fix that, and I think they are still pretty good value!



  1. Love Yankee! If you love candles like I do you should check out Rewined Candles... they're pretty amazing too!

  2. Lovely post!
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  3. Slippers and candles, yum! Its about 87 degrees and sunny here today, so its har to imagine, but its dropping 30 degrees by Thursday (Colorado has the craziest weather sometimes!) Definitely putting these two things on my "must- get" list, the candle scent sounds terrific!
    xo Hannah

  4. ps. I am totally going to search you out on instagram now! :)

  5. yankee candle is seriously the best when it comes to fall candles! i bought 5 from them a few weeks ago lol obsessed much? and those slippers look SO comfy!!

  6. ooh those slippers look like theyd be super warm!! :)

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  8. Honey and Spice! Sounds heavenly! I haven't smelled that one by Yankee yet, but I need to get on the ball with purchasing a Fall scented candle. Those slippers are adorable!

  9. Cute slippers, look so comfy!

    <3 Cambria


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