Thursday, 28 March 2013

A to Z

... A new blog series! I started thinking about it after I read one of the brilliant 'Things I Love Thursday' posts from Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee which mentioned some of the blog series that she was currently enjoying. I liked the idea of something in the form of a list, and alphabetical seemed like a fun idea. It reminded me of the childrens game where you have to write different categories across the top of a page and then have to find something for each category with each letter (Insect, Food, Place: ant, apple, Austria).  
So from now until the end of the alphabet I will be doing a new list each week, starting with A (surprise surprise) in the next few days, with a new letter and five different categories: a favourite song, TV show or film, and book; something about me; and something random. Hopefully it will be a bit of fun and something a bit different. I'm already finding it hard to choose what to put on the list... some letters have far too many choices!

Are any of you planning anything similar?


  1. i love coming across posts like that, they're a fun way to break up the outfit posts. and it's always fun learning more about the blogger. love this idea! :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. aw, what a nice post!!
    great blog, enjoy reading it. wondering if you wanna follow each other?
    we could stay in touch though. just let me know.
    best wishes and happy easter - weekend!!


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