Thursday, 9 August 2012

Thursday Things

My chocolate mint plant had (has?) greenfly. Or something similar, and similarly icky! Can indoor plants get greenfly? After a quick Google, I have learned that apparently yes, they can, because indoors, the bugs are seperated from their natural enemies! My boyfriend noticed the problem: I rarely wear my glasses, and I couldn't see the tiny little bugs until I looked very closely. He sprang into action, wiping the plant with soapy suds, and it seems to have got rid of most of them. But I confined the plant to a different room: I don't want tiny little bugs in my bedroom!

Does anyone have any tips for keeping indoor plants healthy and bug free? Or any suggestions for plants (herbs especially) that thrive inside? Since we decided to stay in our flat until January I feel much more at home here, and it's nice having some plants around. I love being able to pluck off a few mint leaves to boil with some new potatoes, or add some fresh basil to a tomato sauce.

My boyfriend tried his first Pimms yesterday! It was really sunny, so we stopped at a little pub with seats outside on the way to see Jim Jeffries perform for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It wasn't really my thing, but it was nice to go to our first festival show. We saw the fireworks go off around the castle too which was lovely. Everyone in the street just stopped what they were doing and watched. We're hoping to see Paul Merton's improv show next week.

Chocolate mousse: the well known cure for sore teeth!

I had to go to the dentist to get two fillings done today, and my mouth has only just stopped being half numb, so now now I'm going to go and eat some soup and chocolate mousse! Hope you're all having a good Thursday.


  1. oh how I hate fillings. but chocolate mousse is the best idea. smart girl!

    also, I could just google it, but is it bad that I don't know what a Pimms is?

  2. Eck - fillings, chocolate mousse is truly the best cure for that! I wish I had a green thumb. I've slowly been trying to plant more around my house (just for practice) in hopes of having a garden plot next year. I just purchased dilly lavender - so we shall see how that goes, but I have no idea about greenfly :( I really have a lot to learn.

    in regards to your question about Hemingway - I would recommend "The Sun Also Rises" & "A Moveable Feast" :) xo Marisa

  3. Those Pimms look great. I love Pimms. Cute photo of you and the mousse ;)

    I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. When I had sore teeth, I just had soup and porridge. Chocolate mousse sounds way better!


  5. dentist appointments are dreadful. i recently had two fillings too, and my mouth STILL hurts!
    meanwhile, you mentioned derek from teen wolf in your last comment to me, to which i can only say YUM. i also like stiles--he's adorable and oh-so-snarky. :)

  6. Aw, hope your mouth feels better soon :( I hate going to the dentist! Relax and enjoy those tasty soft things.

    <3 Cambria

  7. I didn't know that indoor plants can get that either! That's the worst when your mouth is numb. I tend to drool and not even notice haha! Hope you feel better!

    A Southern Drawl

  8. Going to the dentist is awful :p but the chocolate mousse makes everything better ofcourse :)

  9. Great pics!!!!!!!


  10. love the chocolate mousse!

  11. We make Pimm's at my parents' lakehouse during the summer - so glad you got to try one! Delicious, huh? ;-)

  12. THank you for stopping by my blog, these are my kind of thursday nights =)


  13. Those drinks look great!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    A's Fashion Files

  14. Sounds like the perfect thing for sore teeth . Hope you're feeling better!

  15. oh my gosh, Pimms! I just got mini indoor planters so I can finally grow herbs indoors, and even though I've been thinking about growing mint, especially because I LOVE mojitos, I keep on forgetting to actually buy seeds whenever it's planting time! I'm jelly!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  16. oh that sounds scary, I didnt know that indoor plants can get that kind of bugs. The only plant I have is a cactus, so I do not know much about plants. I didnt know chocolate mouse is good for sore teeth! Hope you feeling better soon dear

  17. I absolutely LOVE pimms. such a refreshing drink and perfect for sipping on a warm summer day!



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