Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sister, Sister

Me and my big sister at the Royal Botanic Gardens

My sister came up to visit me in Edinburgh for a few days this week. We had a wonderful and hectic time: we went out for lots of lovely meals, visited a market (where we bought some delicious cupcakes), wandered around the Botanic Gardens, had some delicious margaritas (banana, mint and strawberry were all sampled), did some shopping, and went up Calton Hill to see the view. We've always been very close, and I lived with her in London for a few months until I moved up to Edinburgh in January, so I really miss her. It was great to see her, and hopefully next time she'll stay longer.

She always dresses very stylishly; I've got lots of clothes that were chosen by her or used to belong to her. My love of clothes and make up (MAC lipsticks in particular!) has always been very much inspired by her. My life and my style would definitely be lacking if she wasn't such a big part of it. Below are some photos of her trip, with some of our outfits too.

On the way out for dinner and drinks: I love that we're both wearing black peep toe heels! Her dress is from French Connection, blazer from Zara and shoes from LK Bennett. My dress is from Warehouse, blazer from Topshop and shoes from New Look.
Casual on Calton Hill
There is always a lot of silliness when we are together!
She's always stylish! Blazer from Zara, t-shirt from a shop in Munich, bag from Clarks, jeans from Next, and shoes from Converse
Top and shoes from Topshop, jeans from Gap and bag from Warehouse


  1. We are lucky we have sisters :)

  2. You all remind me of my sister and I! I steal her clothes on a daily basis. Love these pics!

    A Southern Drawl

  3. Very cute photos, so glad you had such a great time with your sissy :)


  4. Great pictures sweetie!! (:

    xx from

  5. aww, how fun! i'm glad you gals got to spend some time together!

  6. lovely pictures! So jealous you get to have sister time! I'm stuck with four brothers!!! ;) Happy weekend! xo

  7. I knew there was someone out there who would understand the tragedy of having frown lines at 22! I was reading the list of the usual culprits for face lines and, therefore, frown lines: sun, smoking, heredity and skin type. I've decided I'm going to blame my parents because I barely ever get any sun (hence my being ultra pale) and I don't smoke. My skin type is combination/normal and I don't know how much it affects getting wrinkles or not. Anyway, I'll stop writing now. I've never been to Edinburgh, but I'd quite like to visit!

  8. I adore your black dress! The texture is just so adorable and classy.


  9. looks like you guys had a great time and managed to do a lot of things! these places all look so beautiful.

    <3 katherine
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  10. How nice that you were able to spend some time with your sister! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Sounds like fun, it is always nice to have a family visiting! I miss Edinburgh, visited the city few years ago, how I wish I can go to the highland

  12. It looks like you had an amazing time with your sister! The photos are lovely!

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  13. Looks like you guys had a really great time!

  14. Such beautiful sisters, you both look great!

  15. You look beautiful as always!

  16. Awe looks like ya'll had the best time! Great photos!

  17. Looks like you had so much fun :) !

    I have a blog again -

    woohoo! xx


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