Saturday, 31 March 2012

Baking Therapy

I recently moved, from one country to another, and in the process most of my baking equipment had to be left behind. Although I've been settled now for a couple of months, I haven't had the money to build up my collection again until now, and it's incredible how much I have missed baking. I constantly cook lunches and dinners, but baking is what I turn to when I am feeling low. It takes my mind off my problems, and is the most comforting activity I can imagine.

The funny thing is, although I love the things I make as a general rule (brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods), I'm never actually all that keen to eat them once I've cooked them. I generally give them to friends, family or my other half; and it seems that for me, the baking of them is in itself enough to satisfy me. On that note however, I think I may just sit down and have one of the brownies I made yesterday with a cup of tea!

For my first foray back into baking, I decided to make the Rocky Road Brownies from Joy the Baker's wonderful website, and they are delicious. I even added some fudge to make the whole thing even more unhealthy! You can find the recipe here, and I would highly recommend them.

Above is the finished brownie: the toasted marhmallows on top really make it!

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